Our planet is our quality of life & our families future.

– Sir David Attenborough


A Greener World for the Greater Good.

What is sustainability? For us, it’s about achieving the proper balance between commercial resilience, social interest and environmental responsibility.

We have pursued a “greener for the greater good” philosophy for the last 30 years. Across the Group, our aim is to ensure at all times that our processes achieve the best possible environmental standards as we strive to work towards a Net Zero operation.

Carbon Audit

Our investment continues to this day with our new carbon action plan to be implemented 2022 onwards, which aims to further reduce environmental impact across all our operations. Where carbon reduction is not possible, we will consider optimal approaches to carbon offset.

Activities considered include improvements to woodland growth and preservation, growing seagrass and furnishing all premises wherever possible with energy-saving equipment such as photovoltaic panels.

An independent group-wide Carbon Audit is underway during 2022 to ensure we are taking the correct steps towards a Net Zero future within all our operations.


Resources for Responsible Thinking.

39 ways to save the planet

Commissioned by the UK Government in 2006, the Stern Review started the debate about what impact carbon and climate change might have upon the world economic system.


Seagrass and seaweed carbon sequestration

A UK based initiative to re-seed historic sea grass meadows throughout the UK coastland. Sea grass provides sanctuary for young fish stock and sequestrates carbon from the atmosphere.


Scope 1, 2 & 3

A brief article detailing the standardised IPCC system used to evaluate carbon cost of products and companies in order to work towards Carbon Net Zero.


Healing nature

Assisting Ulster wildlife re-introduce native Oysters to Irish waters.